Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
 for Technicians - 3rd Edition
  Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians by John Drury has achieved
almost cult status amongst UT Techs as probably the best practical
UT book ever written.

First published some 25 years ago, the book is now available as the
3rd Edition.

The book has been updated to include UT developments such
as TOFD.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians - 3rd Edition  
plus p&p

250 Pages Paperback.   Published  2004

Chapter 1:  History of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
Chapter 2:  Basic Principles of Sound
Chapter 3:  Properties of Sound  
Chapter 4:  Transducers for Generating Sound Waves
Chapter 5:  Probe Construction  
Chapter 6:  The Pulse-Echo Flaw Detector
Chapter 7:  The Ultrasonic Beam  
Chapter 8:  Calibration and Reference Standards  
Chapter 9:  Compression Wave Techniques  
Chapter 10:  Shear Wave Techniques  
Chapter 11:  Surface Wave Techniques  
Chapter 12:   Immersion Techniques  
Chapter 13:  The Examination of Steel Castings  
Chapter 14:  The Examination of Forgings  
Chapter 15:  The Examination of Welds  
Chapter 16:  Defect Sizing and Evaluation Techniques  
Chapter 17:  Assessing the Performance of Equipment  
Chapter 18:  Report Writing  


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