Posted 30th April 2019


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Specialist Tube Testing Technician

About the Position

ALS Industrial has an immediate opportunity for an Eddy Current Tube Inspection Specialist.
The initial term is six (6) months, this may be extended.

The primary objective is to carry out specialist tube inspection services covering a range of tube
materials, with an emphasis on inspection of carbon steel tubes as a priority.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To work across numerous client sites alongside our existing team and to support
    their activities with particular emphasis on the inspection of carbon steel tube
    material using RFT, NFT and NFA methods.
  • To provide leadership by example, whilst working competently and effectively
    to a professional standard at all times.
  • To support project teams including:
  • The preparation of a Scope of Work;
  • Recommending methods of inspection;
  • Carrying out work to the highest safety and quality standards.
  • Perform training in RFT, NFT and NFA to existing tube inspection team,
    including equipment set up, calibration, analysis and reporting.
  • Monitor the quality of the work and reporting for projects.
  • Ensure data analysis is reliable and accurate for RFT, NFT and NFA methods.
  • Provide technical leadership for methods as outlined above.
  • Keep abreast of new technologies and develop enhancements to our existing
    range of services where appropriate.
  • Completion of inspection & testing in accordance within the codes and
    procedure requirements.
  • Support and provide accurate and prompt reporting identifying any necessary
    remedial work required before the equipment is placed into service or at the
    next equipment inspection or service.
  • Offer improvements through identification of opportunities for better ways
    of delivering our services.

Performance Standards:

  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of applicable standards and codes and
    manufacturing processes.
  • Comply with the codes, procedures and our operating systems.
  • Complete reports as part of each job and finalise prior to commencing
    the next job. No reports to be issued without undergoing a quality review
    to ensure they are technically correct.
  • Respond to client timeframes and requirements promptly and keep client
    informed of job progress in a timely and courteous manner.
  • Ensure equipment is calibrated and maintained in a serviceable condition.
  • Provide advice on purchase of new equipment especially probes and
    calibration sample tubes.
  • Report equipment malfunctions or problems promptly to Supervisor
    for attention.
  • Work within Health and Safety standards and ensure others within the
    section operate in a similar manner.
  • Effectively resolve customer complaints in conjunction with the NDT
    Manager and Works Supervisor.
  • Produce reports electronically with appropriate computer packages.

About you

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Detailed knowledge of, and experience in, the use of Eddy Current
    & IRIS with particular emphasis on RFT, NFT and NFA methods
    as the priority.
  • Evidence of having passed proficiency or competency assessments
    with large companies using these services.
  • Sound knowledge of relevant materials, manufacturing processes
    and service conditions.
  • Extensive experience in the interpretation of data from relevant
    non-destructive tests.
  • Detail knowledge of, and ability to interpret relevant codes and standards.
  • An ability to prepare and review critical reports.
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to focus on teamwork and a commitment to the development
    of a strong, effective and highly skilled team, especially by providing
    office and field based training to existing technicians.
  • Full capability to operate both Olympus and EddyFi equipment.
  • Experience in data analysis and reporting software to suit both the above
    sets of equipment.
  • Current Certification to international standards, minimum Level II
    Eddy Current.
  • Proficiency certification from companies similar to ESSO, Chevron,
    ExxonMobil, Shell.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ tube inspection field experience.
  • A minimum of intermediate level certificates in Word, Excel, and drawing
    packages, or a proven ability.

Looking for further details?

ALS offers competitive remuneration packages commensurate with qualifications and experience,
and the opportunity for further career development within a leading global company.

Please forward any enquiries to Justine Mayne at:

Closing Date: 12 May 2019

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